Adam Holden

Adam Holden is a songwriter who performs solo and in folk duo Another Penny (with Maurice Condie). He sings and plays guitar and piano. Adam grew up in East London playing classical music (recorder, violin, piano and choir) but has been listening, playing and trying to write, songs since he was twelve. After completing a PhD at the University of Manchester he moved to the North East in 2000 to lecture in Geography at Durham University. He has a Postgraduate certificate in Learning and Teaching (distinction) and over a dozen years of teaching experience. Over the last decade or so he’s written approximately seventy songs in a range of styles and with different audiences or contexts in mind. These touch on immediate social, domestic and natural landscapes but are also rooted in a love of political ideas. He usually writes alone but has written music for words (by Cohen, James and Frost) and words for music (by Bley, Souter). His song “Nobody to hear it but the singer” was in the final of 2019 Folklub songwriter of the year competition. You can hear it on performed by Another Penny. Adam’s solo EP of songs about political life, “Playtime for Everyone” is here.
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