songwriting Taster workshop

From the love of song to writing better songs and back again

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An introductory one hour online workshop led by Adam Holden, at the special price of £5 per person. This is an excellent way to learn about songs and work through your questions about songwriting and hopefully engage in a course or lessons.

The workshop is in three roughly equal parts.

Part 1 – participants sharing initial reflection on their songwriting journey and goals (see below for details on preparation needed). To this end, participants will need to bring three things (ideally in a document) to the taster workshop:

  • a brief outline of what you’d like to get out of a songwriting course and your priorities for your songwriting
  • a short list of favourite songs (and maybe some songwriters)
  • a musical biography – a few paragraphs or a page which might include, your first memories of music; how you listened to music now and in the past; landmark songs, albums and gigs; when did you start playing/practising music and how has that changed over time? when did you start/stop writing and sharing songs?

We’ll use this as a way to get to know each other and establish a sense of what the group of songwriters have in common and what our differences are.

Part 2 – introduces a deceptively simple question: what makes a good song? We will explore this question along with some ideas about the essential elements of a good song through the topic of song appreciation. Appreciation is a doubled-jointed form of understanding, that is to say a “recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something”. Completing the workshop you give you access to a set of resources and practical ideas to help with further learning and appreciation.

Part 3 – is a Q&A discussion that briefly explores the workshop outcomes and next steps you might take.

What’s next?

After the taster session one you have several options:

  • access the taster workshop resources on song appreciation – there’s no obligation to do anything else
  • sign up for a six week workshop course on songwriting (with related resources on each topic that will be added on the course is live)
  • sign up for 1-1 lessons of half an hour or an hour (or paired lessons)

If you’re interested or have any questions please email me at

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