Miggallagher's Pick-Me-Up!

Miggallagher’s Pick-Me-Up! is a collaboration between Miggins Fiddle (Marina Dodgson & Maurice Condie) and Cullercoats poet Harry Gallagher. following on from their successful Frets ‘n’ Bows ‘n’ Tales ‘n’ Ales project.

This new collection of poems and tunes is inspired by interes-ng and wonderful people and places, all of which have featured in the online magazine “UP!”The book contains 14 new poems and 15 new tunes to move you and lift your spirits. The accompanying digital album features Harry Gallagher performing all the poems,  and Miggins Fiddle playing all the tunes.

For each book printed, £1.00 was donated to provide food for the Bay Food Bank in Whitley Bay.

Sample tunes and poems

Mariners and Marras

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