Phoenix Folk Playalong Series

The Phoenix Folk Playalong Series is a collection of session tune videos which you can use to play session tunes with us from home. Each video features around 45-60 minutes of tunes played on fiddle and guitar by Marina Dodgson and Maurice Condie. Sheet music and chords appears on the screen while we are playing, and there are close ups to assist those who prefer to learn by ear.

Each download includes access to a private page on this website where you can view the video, which is hosted on a hidden YouTube link. You can use You Tube settings to adjust the video speed, giving you the option to learn the tunes at a slower speed (or to play them faster!). You can also download a copy of the video to keep, as well as audio recordings of all tunes in the collection, and a pdf containing the sheet music.

These videos complement our live online sessions, where we are playing many of the same tunes. Harmony parts for some of these tunes are also available in our Harmony and Duets Collection.

There are now nine videos in the Playalong Series:

Session Tunes 1 26 popular session tunes, including many Irish and Scottish tunes suitable for beginners.

Session Tunes 2 A further 30 session tunes, including more session favourites.

Northumbrian Collection 1 22 Northumbrian tunes, including well know tunes such as the Morpeth Rant alongside some favourites from the region’s piping and fiddle traditions.

Northumbrian Collection 2 A further 23 Northumbrian tunes, including well know tunes such as Hexham Races alongside more favourites from the region’s piping and fiddle traditions.

Northumbrian Collection 3 A mix of traditional and contemporary Northumbrian tunes (including a few of our own compositions), including some of the tunes that we play in our monthly Northumbrian session. 29 tunes arranged into 16 sets.

Irish Collection 1 26 well known Irish session tunes.

English Collection 1 23 English tunes, including many tunes used for Morris dancing.

Scottish Collection 1 19 Scottish airs, waltzes and marches arranged into 14 sets

New Tunes (August 21) All the new tunes added to the online session tunebook in August 2021 (note – these tunes all appear in other Playalong Series videos)

These videos replace our Virtual Session video series, which we recorded under lockdown conditions in 2020.

You can listen to short extracts from our Northumbrian collections below (the tunes in the audio player are Rothbury Hills and Morpeth Rant)

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