Miggins Fiddle

Our album, Ten By Two, is now available to download.

Miggins Fiddle folk duo are guitar player and folk singer Maurice Condie and fiddle player Marina Dodgson. They perform original arrangements of traditional tunes and songs from Northumberland and beyond. Formed in 2019, they have performed in folk clubs, events and community settings across the North East, and online.

The Miggins Fiddle duo also forms the basis of a number of a number of other projects. Maurice and Marina regularly play together to lead the Phoenix Folk online tune sessions, and have also led online sessions for the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering and Saltburn Folk Festival. They have also recorded an extensive collection of session tunes, which are available here.

For details of the Miggins Fiddle Ceilidh Band, please click here.

An album of fiddle and guitar duets is in progress, and will be released in late 2021.




March of the Kings of Laois

She Moved through the Fair (Trad)

Redesdale Hornpipe/Miss Thompsons

Dol Li A (with The Butterfly)

Swallowtail Jig/Morrisons

These videos were taken at our gig at Lovaine Community Garden in July 2021 (with thanks to Lara for videoing us).

Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife

Crossing the Bar

Hancock Waltz/Wuppertal Waltz

Inisheer/South Wind

something a bit Different...

Like many others, we spent the early part of the first 2020 lockdown experimenting with different platforms to find ways to play music together online. One of the methods we tried resulted in Marina hearing her own fiddle echoed back at her while she was playing. She  began to wonder if it would be possible to write a tune which would become it’s own harmony in this setting. After some experimentation, she revisited a 3/2 hornpipe that she had been working on for another purpose, and the end result is The Latent Cannon. These two videos show this tune played as a traditional 3/2 hornpipe (in a set with another tune) alongside an arrangement exploring the tune as a canon, presented as a musical representation of this journey.

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