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Sheet music and practice audio/video are below for all of the tune sets in our repertoire. We will be adding more resources over the coming weeks. If you would like practice audio for any parts not included, please just let us know.

Arrangement sheets have been removed temporarily, as we feel that we need to review our arrangements once we are rehearsing together again in-person. We’ll add these in due course.

The videos below were recorded in haste, when we were able to get together for a few hours before the first lockdown. We’ll make some new ‘full length’ practice videos in due course, but have left them here for the time being.

Cumbernauld House & Flowers of Edinburgh (trad)

Hancock Waltz & Wuppertal Waltz (Gillian Tolfrey)

Bonny at Morn & Morrisons (trad)

Hector the Hero & Elsie Marley (trad)

We’re doing some work on this set, so this one’s not for the Sept 21 rehearsal.

Updated resources to be added soon.

Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife

Newcastle & Because he was a Bonny Lad (trad)

51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily

Halsway Schottische (Nigel eaton)

This tune is also known as Halsway Carol, and the resources here are from our Virtual Ensemble video project. We may well arrange this tune differently once we are able to play together in person. The tune, harmony and bass parts will, however, remain the same.

Tune with Harmony

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